Writer, journalist, library mouse trapped in a human body. I love words in any shape and form, both to read and work with.

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I got inspired by Violet Daniels to adopt this format, so I thought it would be a good idea to try it out for myself.

A library mouse is the Romanian version of bookworm. And it’s probably one of the best phrases to describe me. I love words. Everything I do has to do with words. I am a published poet, soon-to-be qualified journalist, freelance writer and an award winning library mouse, which means I read a lot, and books are one of my favourite things to write about.

I am originally from the south-east of Romania, where I lived…

And that will guarantee they come back for more

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Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

I have been an editor for 7 months and there is one mistake every writer seems to be making. They write like their topic is common knowledge and their readers are supposed to know everything about it. That’s one of the most serious ways in which the writer then shoots themselves in the foot. It’s something I used to do when I was starting out, and it took me some experience to realize it.

“Journalists write stories for their readers to tell them what is going on, to inform them, engage them, entertain them, shock them, amuse them, disturb them…

If you don’t promote your skills, who else will?

A freelancer’s workspace with two computers, a phone, and a notebook
A freelancer’s workspace with two computers, a phone, and a notebook
Photo by Davide Baraldi on Unsplash

I’ve learned two vital lessons since I started freelancing. One: you have no prestigious company behind you to prove your skills. And two: you can never stop blowing your own horn.

When I remember my interview which secured the editor position I now hold at The Meridian Magazine, I feel mortified. Although the details are vague, I clearly remember saying at one point: “I’m very good. I believe in myself. Every time I do an editor’s job, I know exactly what to do. I’m in my element.”

Reader, I’d never been a serious editor until I got this position. I’d…

Why should I be scared about finding a job?

A grandmother with her granddaughter, hugging
A grandmother with her granddaughter, hugging
My grandma and I. Picture provided by the author.

Whenever I get anxious about graduating and having to fully throw myself on the work market, I think of that time my grandma jumped out of a moving car. She was in her early 20s like I am right now and literally jumped on the side of the road from a speeding car passing through a forest.

She’d just met my grandpa and he came with some male friends to pick her up and take her on a date. His friends were from a rich family and had a car, whereas he didn’t. This was the early 70s in Communist…

If that’s really what you want, treat it as a bonus instead

Fruit and herbs on a white surface
Fruit and herbs on a white surface
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing a possible removal of all coronavirus measures by June has led to one of the most important online debates. Many people started going public about their lockdown weight gain and their intention to lose it all by June 21st when Britons will be allowed to go to nightclubs again. Oblivious to the toxic nature of such goals, these people kept feeding a harmful and mentally damaging trend that should have died years ago.

Our society is obsessed with weight shaming. In my experience, it can happen to anyone, no matter their size. But it’s…

And how to apply them to what you’re working on right now

A notebook with a pair of glasses on top
A notebook with a pair of glasses on top
Photo by Dan Dimmock on Unsplash

All new writers share a certain feeling. The feeling of doom when you open a fresh page, ready to start a new piece, but nothing comes out for ages. You stare at the blank screen, do backflips in your head, doubt your skills, your competence, your topic, you want to give up. You close the document, then open it again. And so the ritual goes until you have your first paragraph.

The more you write, the better you become, and the better you become, the more you want to push yourself. Hence, the ritual. But it doesn’t have to be…

And the best books to start with

Books in an used bookstore, laid on the table
Books in an used bookstore, laid on the table
Photo by Seongho Jang on Unsplash

Agatha Christie reigned over my teenage years. I was obsessed with her witty, character-rich novels. She formed my taste for the mystery-thriller genre. I consumed every Christie book under the sun, some of them more than once.

“Every murderer is probably somebody’s old friend.” — Agatha Christie

For a few years in high school, I only ever bought Agatha Christie’s books. I never even considered picking up another crime author. But eventually, Christie’s novels ended, so I had a choice. Either to try new authors or reread her books. …

Or any other capital city

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London, with a view of the Thames
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London, with a view of the Thames
Photo by Eva Dang on Unsplash

London is overrated. So is probably any other capital city in the world, unless you have a lot of money to make sure you can live comfortably. I learned about the ugliest aspects of my London dream, turned nightmare, at the worst possible time of my life. But, in retrospect, it was better to find out earlier than later why London was not for me.

Almost four years ago I made what would become the most disastrous decision of my life. And thank God I managed to undo it. I was 19 when I moved to London from across Europe…

Thank you for reading! I think 'Faust' is one of those books that everyone needs to read at exactly the right moment in life, so don't give up on it, I'm sure you'll finish it eventually!

And how they prove reading is a key part of success

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Image created by the author on Canva

Many successful people worldwide have their own reading recs lists all over the internet, and that says a lot. Looking up to a person who seems to have achieved everything in life, many of us are tempted to nosy in on their habits, their diets, and their choices of entertainment.

Reading has been proven to increase chances for success and many well-known entrepreneurs have claimed they owe some of their inspiration to their extensive reading habits. …

Eliza Lita

Leeds-based freelance writer, with a focus on books, fitness, lifestyle, and politics.

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