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Journalist. Niches: books, writing, fitness, and lifestyle. | Founder and editor-in-chief: Coffee Time Reviews. | Library Mouse | Language nerd.

Don’t fall into the same trap

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‘She’s a nutter’

‘What a nerd’

‘Poor girl, she has no life’

‘Are you working again?’

‘I can’t be around you when you work, it makes me feel awful’

Here’s a selection of what people have said about me throughout my entire life. And, in most cases, they were right. From the moment I stepped foot in an education environment, I was the A* student in everything I did. All my school records are flawless. And I always maintained high standards easily, as if it was an innate skill. I never understood why my classmates struggled. I never understood why…

How to support our publication

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We’ve recently set up a donations page on our website, to give our readers a chance to support our journalism, if they wish to do so.

We are a growing team and, as the editor-in-chief, I’m very determined to offer paid commissions to the writers who so resiliently pour their heart and soul into creating content for Coffee Time Reviews out of pure love for books.

This donations page is the first step in our monetisation journey. As Coffee Time Reviews grows steadily by the day, my plans to create more exciting content for our readers are growing all the…

Having a pile next to my bed keeps me motivated to keep reading — here’s why it can help you too

Pile of books on a sofa, with an open, upside-down book nearby
Picture provided by the author.

I never thought my impatience and indecision would prove so useful to my reading habits. A few years ago, picking up book after book in fruitless attempts to find one to commit to would only cause me frustration and make me ultimately want to give up.

This was because of my completely wrong mindset. I used to claw — quite literally claw — my way through books I hated because I wouldn’t allow myself to start different ones until I finished my current read. …

Or any other capital city

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London, with a view of the Thames
Photo by Eva Dang on Unsplash

London is overrated. So is probably any other capital city in the world, unless you have a lot of money to make sure you can live comfortably. I learned about the ugliest aspects of my London dream, turned nightmare, at the worst possible time of my life. But, in retrospect, it was better to find out earlier than later why London was not for me.

Almost four years ago I made what would become the most disastrous decision of my life. And thank God I managed to undo it. I was 19 when I moved to London from across Europe…

Writer, journalist, library mouse trapped in a human body. I love words in any shape and form, both to read and work with.

I got inspired by Violet Daniels to adopt this format, so I thought it would be a good idea to try it out for myself.


A library mouse is the Romanian version of bookworm. And it’s probably one of the best phrases to describe me. I love words. Everything I do has to do with words. I am a published poet, soon-to-be qualified journalist, freelance writer and an award winning library mouse, which means I read a lot, and books are one of my favourite things to write about.

I am originally from the south-east of Romania, where I lived…

A poetry collection about workaholism, social media, and losing our souls to technology

Image created by author on Canva. Cover courtesy of Arthur P. Johnson.

Disclaimer: Please note I was approached by the author who sent me a PDF version of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Arthur P. Johnson’s upcoming poetry collection, I Ride Tsunami was a good companion to my enormous cappuccino this morning. The irony made it that before diving into the book, I conveniently started my morning by checking work emails, Twitter, and doing analytics for the Coffee Time Reviews website. And boy, did this poetry book put me to shame.

The collection starts with an introductory note from the author, explaining the metaphor of the tsunami and why…

In numbers, it was a fail, in other aspects, though…

Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash

Exactly 32 days ago, I was proudly pledging my own 30-day challenge, to which I made sure to add extra levels of difficulty, not because I hate myself, but because I like pushing my limits. My pledge post proudly declared that, on top of submitting 30 articles to 30 publications in 30 days, each article would also have to be written in around 30 minutes.

I embarked on this challenge for several reasons:

  • I was bored
  • My writing on Medium had plateaued not exactly in a nice place
  • I needed some motivation
  • I wanted to see what my brain could…

Many Westerners won’t believe it

Photo by Magda V on Unsplash

Villages are magic and still so real, and there’s so much to learn from these communities’ way of life. Until the age of 4, I grew up exclusively in the countryside, with my maternal grandparents. From 4 until 17 I spent every weekend, and every summer, winter, and spring break, in the same little, old house with my granny and grandpa, living a wonderfully peaceful and surreal life. I now look back on those years and can’t quite understand that had once been my reality.

I’m very much a city girl. But growing up in rural Romania, where there’s still…

Why we’re so attracted to mugs and what that tells us about society

White mugs on a shiny white table, against a black background. The mugs have irregular shapes.
Photo by Tom Crew on Unsplash

It’s the era of the mug and, if you really think about it, it reflects a lot of interesting changes in how society functions nowadays.

Whatever happened to small, dainty teacups, on their small, dainty saucers, held by small, dainty hands? Whatever happened to the social aspect of sipping, savouring hot drinks, and not drowning in them on a daily basis? Whatever happened to those times when cups used to be more the size of our hands than the size of our heads?

The rise of the mug era is based on several major factors, each playing into how big…

An ever-increasing TBR that may or may not need urgent tackling

Image created by the editor on Canva

Hey, fellow bookworms! I’m so excited to be writing this guest post, so thank you Amanda Kay Oaks for the opportunity. This is actually the last post I’m writing for my 30-day writing challenge, so it was only fitting to end on a bookish note.

My reading has been very strange lately, with comfort reads and rereads mostly taking center stage, as I’m trying to navigate a new and scary path in life. …

Eliza Lita

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