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Journalist. Niches: books, writing, fitness, and lifestyle. | Founder and editor-in-chief: Coffee Time Reviews. | Library Mouse | Language nerd.

And why you should not be looking for high numbers

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I started a new job two months ago and realised something mind-blowing about myself. I’m actually good at social media, despite only really being active on Twitter and not having an Instagram or Facebook account since 3 years ago. Hear me out.

My day job has the great perk of…

Don’t fall into the same trap

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‘She’s a nutter’

‘What a nerd’

‘Poor girl, she has no life’

‘Are you working again?’

‘I can’t be around you when you work, it makes me feel awful’

Here’s a selection of what people have said about me throughout my entire life. And, in most cases, they were right…

Or any other capital city

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London, with a view of the Thames
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London is overrated. So is probably any other capital city in the world, unless you have a lot of money to make sure you can live comfortably. I learned about the ugliest aspects of my London dream, turned nightmare, at the worst possible time of my life. …

Reading a great book with a writer’s mind can teach you many secrets about writing

Woman sat on armchair reading a book, with a cup of coffee on a small wooden table nearby.
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TW: This article contains mentions of domestic abuse.

Carmen Maria Machado’s In the Dream House inspired me to write a third of my upcoming poetry collection in one week. However, it has nothing to do with poetry, and it is not a handbook for writers, far from it.

I had…

What content we’re looking for from those horror and Halloween-loving readers

Cream background with big purple skull in the centre, and the words ‘spooky call for submissions’ written across in purple font. Candies and pumpkins are used as a border on the vertical edges.
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It’s our first spooky season at Coffee Time Reviews and I’m excited beyond words. Autumn is my favourite season, especially for reading, so this is the perfect time to launch a fresh call for submissions with a spooky twist.

Our content has been keeping its amazing quality over the last…

Carmen Maria Machado’s memoir sheds light on domestic abuse within same-sex couples, exposing a worrying knowledge gap

Image created by the author on Canva. Cover courtesy of Goodreads.

TW: This review contains mentions of domestic abuse.

In the Dream House is a literary masterpiece of unimaginable proportions. Normally, you’d expect a memoir to tell someone’s experience, to be firmly grounded in reality and offer an insight into the writer’s story. …

And how can we learn to trust our instincts again?

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If you’re a person who menstruates, it’s highly likely you’re using a period-tracking app to stay on top of your cycle. In a 2016 report, the Independent found that over 200 million users had downloaded period-tracking apps by that point. In 2021, that number is most certainly much higher.


Well, mostly

Photo collage showing a Kindle e-reader held, or on a table next to a cup of coffee, on a yellow background with small book doodles scattered around.
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Don’t come for me just yet. I’m still a bookworm through and through, despite only owning less than 20 physical books in total. I love the books industry and I love holding, smelling, buying, and turning the pages of real books.

But I’d be lying if I said I read…

I’ve just finished the challenge and saw unexpected results

Screenshots taken from, provided by the author.

Two weeks is a tiny period of time for it to lead to any results. This was the mindset I began the 2021 2-week Shred Challenge with.

I’ve been working out and experimenting with different types of exercise for the past 8 years. …

If you’re not a fan of the colder seasons, these books might change your mind

Image created by the author on Canva. Covers courtesy of Amazon.

Autumn is here and I’m ready to indulge in my favourite season of the year. I’ve just decorated my fireplace with pumpkins, creepy books, and spicy-sweet candles, I’ve started a knitting project, and dusted off my TBR to prioritise autumnal books.

But there are many bookworms out there who aren’t…

Eliza Lita

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