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From apps, lists, and reminders, the dreaded time-stealing phone can be a bookworm’s best friend

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If you live by the motto: Too many books, too little time, I have a secret to share with you.

The one thing taking over your life and number one barrier against reading can be turned into your best reading tool with only a few swipes and a bit of…

And how can we learn to trust our instincts again?

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If you’re a person who menstruates, it’s highly likely you’re using a period-tracking app to stay on top of your cycle. In a 2016 report, the Independent found that over 200 million users had downloaded period-tracking apps by that point. In 2021, that number is most certainly much higher.


The Cambridge Literary Festival line-up brought together the world’s most famous authors — and they had this to say about their writing process

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This year’s Cambridge Literary Festival, the winter edition, had an incredible line-up, bringing together some of the most well-known authors in the world — and us bookworms on the edge of our seats.

Disclaimer: I received a free pass for the Festival, in exchange for some promotion around the event…

And what I replaced them with for a sustainably healthy lifestyle

Image of the author in black jeans and a silk top, standing on a cobble stone street and posing with one hand through her hair..
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I wasn’t always the health-conscious, fitness-savvy person people know me to be now. Quite the opposite.

There was a time when my health was a complete afterthought that almost never kicked in until it was too late.

Until the age of 19, I led a life of complete ignorance and…

These practices I couldn’t imagine pre-pandemic secured my peace of mind — and this is why I won’t give them up

Posing with my dissertation earlier this year. Photo by the author.

If the Covid-19 pandemic proved one thing, that’s how important our health is to our success. Wellbeing and success go hand in hand but often we take the former for granted.

After the pandemic struck, life took an irreversible turn, the economy collapsed, and new ways had to be found…

This is the one book that will make you question your morals this year and you need to read it right now

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I never thought I’d sympathise with someone who killed six members of their family quite to this extent. But Bella Mackie’s How to Kill Your Family awoke some gruesome and unimaginable instincts in me.

The book follows prison inmate Grace Bernard, who is writing a confidential confession for lack of…

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