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Freelance journalist. Niches: books, writing, fitness, and lifestyle. | Founder and editor-in-chief: Coffee Time Reviews. | Library Mouse | Language nerd.

Having a pile next to my bed keeps me motivated to keep reading — here’s why it can help you too

Pile of books on a sofa, with an open, upside-down book nearby
Pile of books on a sofa, with an open, upside-down book nearby

I never thought my impatience and indecision would prove so useful to my reading habits. A few years ago, picking up book after book in fruitless attempts to find one to commit to would only cause me frustration and make me ultimately want to give up.

This was because of my completely wrong mindset. I used to claw — quite literally claw — my way through books I hated because I wouldn’t allow myself to start different ones until I finished my current read. …

A publication for pour-your-heart-out book reviews and any other kind of books-related content

An illustration of two women having coffee at a table, with the text coffee time reviews across the middle
An illustration of two women having coffee at a table, with the text coffee time reviews across the middle

I launched Coffee Time Reviews for one main reason: I’m tired of being told how to write book reviews. I’m tired of respecting a certain format, making sure I always do it in a particular, rigid way, that severely limits what I truly want to say about how that book made me feel.

I’ve been living with this frustration ever since I reviewed one of my favourite books of all time for a university assignment, and I was severely downgraded because I didn’t criticise it enough. I understand balance is important in journalism. …

And that will guarantee they come back for more

I have been an editor for 7 months and there is one mistake every writer seems to be making. They write like their topic is common knowledge and their readers are supposed to know everything about it. That’s one of the most serious ways in which the writer then shoots themselves in the foot. It’s something I used to do when I was starting out, and it took me some experience to realize it.

“Journalists write stories for their readers to tell them what is going on, to inform them, engage them, entertain them, shock them, amuse them, disturb them…

Or any other capital city

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London, with a view of the Thames
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London, with a view of the Thames

London is overrated. So is probably any other capital city in the world, unless you have a lot of money to make sure you can live comfortably. I learned about the ugliest aspects of my London dream, turned nightmare, at the worst possible time of my life. But, in retrospect, it was better to find out earlier than later why London was not for me.

Almost four years ago I made what would become the most disastrous decision of my life. And thank God I managed to undo it. I was 19 when I moved to London from across Europe…

Writer, journalist, library mouse trapped in a human body. I love words in any shape and form, both to read and work with.

I got inspired by Violet Daniels to adopt this format, so I thought it would be a good idea to try it out for myself.


A library mouse is the Romanian version of bookworm. And it’s probably one of the best phrases to describe me. I love words. Everything I do has to do with words. I am a published poet, soon-to-be qualified journalist, freelance writer and an award winning library mouse, which means I read a lot, and books are one of my favourite things to write about.

I am originally from the south-east of Romania, where I lived…

Time to spice up that TBR pile

Happy Europe Day, wonderful readers! When was the last time you’ve checked your TBR pile and purposefully decided to diversify it? If you have a look at it right now, what’s the proportion of British or American authors to foreign authors?

I’ll be honest. I’m a proud European and there isn’t one drop of English blood running through my veins. Yet, while researching for this piece, I went straight to my Goodreads and was horrified to realise I’ve not read a foreign author in over a year. I know. I honestly had to pause and analyse how it happened. I…

I was a poetry prodigy. And the old veterans just couldn’t let me into the industry

It’s been four years since I last called myself a poet. Although I believe with all my heart that I will always be a poet, my 15-year-long career in the Romanian poetry scene came to a halt when I realised I was fighting windmills. And I just didn’t want to carry on anymore.

I wrote my first poem at age 5. For the following 15 years, it became my most important talent and craft. At age 7, I started publishing my poems in local magazines. Many years of contests and awards followed. At 14, I joined a writing society, where…

These are some of the most anticipated books for the last month of spring

All bookworms know that familiar feeling of enthusiasm and anticipation when your favourite bookish publication, or bookstore, or frankly, just Goodreads, drops the following month’s new releases. We want to do our own monthly list of recommendations here at Coffee Time Reviews, kicking off with May 2021’s new releases, broken down into 5 popular genres.

It’s the last weeks before summer, the sun is shining (even here, in the windy and indecisive North of England) and people have started roaming the streets. …

I just found out one of my habits was a subtle sign my mental health was struggling. This is how I cope with it.

During the past few months, I’ve been listening to the same 2 albums, reading the same 5 books, watching the same 2 shows, and doing the same 3 workouts, with few exceptions along the way.

This, I thought, was fine, just another quirk in my already strange personality, at least by modern standards. I like spending time alone or in very small groups of no more than four people. I don’t really go out unless it’s in a coffee shop. I don’t like parties. I don’t really like movies either. I don’t do anything particularly exciting. …

The “What Happens in Tomorrow World?” author and Mind Cafe editor shares his top writing tips

I was so intrigued and inspired by Jordan Gross’s new book, What Happens in Tomorrow World? that I couldn’t help but ask him if he would mind sharing some of his writing wisdom with me and the Coffee Time Reviews readers. This is how the idea for the Author Spotlight series came about.

Many writers get into the craft either by accident or just because they couldn’t avoid or stop writing altogether. Essentially, wanting to be a writer and intentionally focusing all your efforts in that direction is seldom the case, even for established authors.

After listening to a bunch…

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